Bizzio ecosystem

Bricks that build your business

Bizzio is a cloud ecosystem of integrated modules and SaaS solutions. Bizzio can be accessed from anywhere in the world with internet and there are no restrictions on working places and users. Our solutions are cross-platform and work on any hardware and OS. Documents can be issued in all languages and currencies. Bizzio is connected and communicates with many different external systems and programs.

Bizzio ERP

Bizzio ERP is the backbone of the entire system. He can and knows everything. Articles, stocks, prices, customers, deals, printed documents, money, forwarding, production, calendars, schedules, alarms, inquiries, profit, WMS, CRM, e-commerce... The list of terms that Bizzio understands is very, very long.


Your data is in the safest possible place - in the vaults of the Daticum data center. Daticum is the most renowned data center in BG. There are also the cloud infrastructures of the state, banks and medias. The highest degree of information security is maintained, as well as connectivity in and outside BG. Our customers from Europe and the world have excellent access to our services.

Modularity and ease of use

Bizzio is a set of a large number of "Lego bricks" through which personal solutions are built. Each of our customers has their own profile, in which is their configuration of the used modules + programmed specifics. This makes Bizzio extremely flexible and at the same time as close as possible to the customer's needs.

Bizzio ERP guide.pdf – user guide (in BG).

BIZZIO DEMO Login to start Bizzio if installed.
For installation - ask for technical assistance...

Bizzio Mobile

Bizzio Mobile is a lightweight version of Bizzio ERP running on mobile devices and smartphones. Bizzio Mobile is designed for employees on the go.

Typical scenarios for this are:

● company representatives accepting orders at the customer's place;
● employees delivering goods to customers (with route optimization);
● employees collecting payments on the field and issuing necessery documents for this;
● technicians carrying out installations on the field with counting of implemented materials and work;
● access to a shared calendar with tasks;
● preparing quick reports on the fly.

BIZZIO Mobile  -  login to Bizzio Mobile

Bizzio WMS

Bizzio WMS is designed for employees working in large warehouses.

Typical scenarios for this are:

● acceptance of new articles and their arrangement by location in the warehouse;
● check of deliveries and whether everything ordered is correct;
● collection of goods according to orders (with route optimization in the warehouse);
● loading goods on vehicles, routes and customers;
● making revisions according to different strategies and scope;
● preparation of various types of reports.

Bizzio B2B

Bizzio B2B opens a web portal for your regular customers. They can quickly and easily place orders with you. Your B2B site is always up-to-date with products, images, prices, quantities, promotions, etc., and the orders placed are automatically entered into Bizzio ERP, saving time-consuming manual work. Again, through the portal, the customer can see the orders they have placed, their status, whether they have been paid, download their invoices, etc...

What distinguishes Bizzio B2B from a standard online store is:

● the entrance is not free, random outsiders cannot see any of your business information, only customers with an account provided by you have access;

● the finalization of orders is greatly simplified, steps such as payment, forwarding, address, etc. are omitted because they are previously known to the system;

● Bizzio B2B is very fast to deploy and go live, and its impact is immediate.

An additional useful feature is that your employees can take orders at the customer's location.
Bizzio B2B works on all devices.

Why B2B by GenCloud.pdf – a brief description of the possibilities as well as the benefits of using Bizzio B2B (in BG). – web page of the Bizzio B2B.

B2B DEMO username:
password: 1   (do not use such passwords)

Bizzio E-shop

Bizzio E-shop is our online store that is bi-directionally integrated with Bizzio ERP.

The idea is that all your goods and services that you trade are already entered in Bizzio ERP with their descriptions, pictures, characteristics, prices, quantities... and can immediately become visible in your online store.

And vice versa – all sales made through the online store are instantly registered in Bizzio ERP as orders ready for execution. Your store is fully managed by Bizzio ERP. Categories, goods, prices, promotions, bonus points, banners, quantities, descriptions, features, filters, payments, shipping and more. others – everything is managed by Bizzio ERP. In turn, Bizzio ERP is integrated with almost all shipping companies, which further supports and automates your e-commerce.

Here is a small part of the online stores built with Bizzio E-shop:,,,,,,,,,,,,

RIZN is a partner company with 20+ years of experience in the development of online stores.

We are a team with RIZN and through them we can offer online stores with many more options. RIZN has countless awards for "Site of the Year", "Store of the Year", "Design of the Year" and many more. others. RIZN also have vast experience in marketing, CEO optimization, content creation + much more know-how in making a store profitable. Through RIZN, we can provide integration to most famous BG and global e-Commerce platforms, namely CloudCart, Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, GombaShop.
And most importantly, RIZN is again bi-directionally integrated with Bizzio ERP.

Here are some common projects:,,

Bizzio 2.0

Bizzio 2.0 is under development and will combine Bizzio ERP, Bizzio Mobile and Bizzio WMS into one.

The product works on all devices, computers and OS. Bizzio 2.0 keeps 90% of the interface of the above products (that you are used to and know) and 10% further develops and improves it. The speed at which it works has been increased many times, creating a feeling of a light and pleasant working product.

Bizzio 2.0 is planned to be completed by the end of 2024 and from 2025 to start the phased migration of customers to it.

Bizzio 3.0

Bizzio 3.0 is our future and is currently on our drawing boards. Bizzio 3.0 will have a new philosophy in creating the different business models. It will be designed on a completely new platform, on a new type of servers, a new faster database, a new architecture and a new much more flexible document model. It will be designed using mobile-first technology, i.e. it will work on any devices and its interface will be customizable.

We plan to start real work on it in early 2025.


Bizzio ERP guide.pdf – user guide (in BG);
Why B2B by GenCloud.pdf – possibilities and benefits of using Bizzio B2B (in BG);
E-commerce API.pdf - API to connect external online stores to Bizzio (in BG); - Bizzio ERP installer for some specific situations;
AnyDesk - remote access tool when you need help;

Microsoft Silverlight x64 – за 64bit Windows;
Microsoft Silverlight x32 – за 32bit Windows;

Firefox ver.51 - Firefox browser required for MAC computers;
c39hrp36dltt.ttf - barcode font used for barcode labels;
zebra_51075682.exe - Windows driver for Datex label printers;
CashRegisterManager.exe - Bizzio connection driver with a wide range of cash registers; - Add-on for MS Word for associating a printer with a template;