About us

GenCloud Ltd is high technology software business company with 20 years of experience in developing ERP systems and CRM solutions, behind its back. GenCloud is specialized in web and cloud based business systems. Our main product is called Bizzio.

GenCloud is successor of GenSoft Ltd. Like cofounders and main design software developers in this company our new products and services are sequel work and upgrade of the products that we did in Gencloud Ltd.

GenCloud owns subsidiary company called Industry Web. They are specialized in web site and e-shops development. Bizzio is integrated with their main product InCloud.   www.industryweb.bg


Our office lights are switched on till late night...
We believe that valuable things are made from people which are dreamers, creative and they are not scared from working hard. We are always busy with another new challenge.

Bizzio is unique in every detail and it is including our 20 years of experience in developing business systems. It is designed for clients with a lot of requirements for their business software needs and also are not scared of touch with the newest technologies. Bizzio has been awarded with gold medal for the most innovative ERP system by International Fair Plovdiv in 2010 year.

Why bizzio?

● Access to your business data from everywhere
● Describe sorts of business models for perfectly creation the clientsituation
● Maximize reliability and client data protection
● Integrated (without synchronization) connectionto our InCloud e-shop
● Dropping out the necessary of buying expensive servers, the license for them and their support
● No need of buying extra licenses for additional workstations or users
● Budget solutions for clients that are choosing some of our standard profiles and they have no need of integration
● The team of Bizzio has more than 20 years of experience in developing and integration of ERP systems
● Unique interface, unified work with different moduls and it’s easy to use
● Using of the newest web and cloud technologies

Bizzio - Log In

Login for clients and candidate clients

bizzio bizzio demo
● use the IE browser for installation - if it require MS Silverlight - grant it ●
Bizzio it is not works on Android and iPad tablets also on smart phones. ●
Bizzio is works on Microsoft Surface tablets. ●
● Please, candidate clients to contact us for Bizzio Demo access ●
bizzio mobile
Bizzio Mobile is a Bizzio version that works on all kind devices including mobile phones and tablets ●
If you see the Bizzio Login screen, you are ready to go. Have a nice work! :-))

GenCloud online support

Here are some tools to help you solve problems that you can't handle on your own. They allow your computer to be accessed by a GenCloud technician to help you. The tool of your choice must be launched on the your computer and you can call to the GenCloud Support. Follow the operator's instructions ...