open a portal for your clients

GenCloud InB2B constructs a portal site of the type Business to Business (B2B) intended for your regular clients and partners. The idea is for them to make fast orders towards you. Just like InCloud the optimization is double - your current products and services are always displayed on your website, with their current prices, quantities, promotions etc., and the sales made are automaticaly induct in Bizzio avoiding manual input.
InB2B differentiates from InCloud by the following featues:

● in InB2B the entry is not unrestricted, random outsiders can't see any information from the system,
access have only your clients and partners, to which you've provided an account;

● in InB2B the finilization of orders is highly simplified, because you know the partner,
and steps like payment, forwarding etc. are skipped;

InB2B is with a standard interface and design. There is only very light branding depending on the client;

InB2B is optimized for fast input of orders, the interface is tabular without visual effects,
that could slow down the work;

InB2B is implemented and puts into operation very quickly, and the effect from it is immediate;

InB2B works on all kinds of mobile and stationary devices. Another useful oppurtunity for which is developed is for your agents and commercial travelers to be able to tour your clients and accept their orders. Clients are able to see all of their orders, their status, payments status etc.
The most characteristic screens of the program are displayed below:

(all prices below are fictitious and randomly generated)

Mandatory login in the system
External parties don't have access to the system.
InB2B is highly optimized for work from mobile devices.

Main screen of the system.
The look, what banners to be enabled, promotions, hot products and many more aspects are controlled from Bizzio.

Navigation and searching between the stocks and services.
The interface is tabular and cleared from any unneeded information.

Contents of the cart + final prices.
Only one click parts you from the confirment of the purchase.

Review of old orders and their status

....and in reality that is the whole system - elegant, simple and effective.