bizzio - conception

GenCloud Bizzio is WEB 2.0 Cloud based business system of new generation with many subsystems included like - ERP, CRM, BI, Organizer and so on. In Bizzio there are no extra licenses for additional workstations or users you need to buy for. Also there are no limit of users that can use the system. The clients of Bizzio don't need to care about servers, information security, arhives, new version and so on. All the clients need is to use the system.

The base components on which is build everything


Bizzio is WEB 2.0 based cloud system. This means that it can be used from everywhere in the world where internet can be reach. Bizzio has no limites of additional workstations and users that can work with the system. Bizzio is cross-platform system - it is workin on PC and MAC. Bizzio has the ability of working in browser and also to be installed as desktop application. Bizzio speaks Bulgarian and English and can create document of the chosen language. Bizzio is created on web services and this gives it the ability to communicate with different outdoor systems as banks, registers, GPS locators, online maps, e-shops and so on.


Bizzio is business software which including itself features of many types of systems as ERP, CRM, BI, Organizer, e-shops and so on. Bizzio is a choice of many bricks and gears, which can be diffrently link just to create wide spectrum of systems. Bizzio is strongly personalize for every client who follows the ideology of Zero-Options - ideology which secure the client from making danger infrastructres settings. In Bizzio is enshrined with the concept "Client Profile" - depends of the specification of the client together we are choosing the right elements for him, creating new ones and putting together all components to create the best system for him.


Bizzio is "Cloud" based system. This means that your data is placed on the most secured place - in vault of the data center. Also the client is careless about arhives and security about his data. Bizzio is created with the newest technologies of Microsoft and it is following the world principles of maximum client data security. The Cloud hosting has proved that it is the most budget choice to install, support and owning a client server system. The Cloud hosting set the client free from buying extreamly expensive servers, security, their conditioning, electricity and internet connection also a licenses for OS and data base servers.

bizzio - key features

● technologies – MS SQL Server database
● technologies – build on Lego technologies which provide the fitting of individual systems for every client
● technologies – build of profile for every client with his own functionality, way of work and personal requirements
● access – work from internet or as desktop application
● access – multilanguage – on client interface and also on generated documents form the system
● access – unified, minimalistic and individual interface
● ERP – Allowing work with wide spectrum of nomencaltures, business operations, documents and inquiries
● ERP – BI analys with create and save, user inquiries and diagrams options
● ERP - client defined features to many objects
● ERP – opportunity to upload images, documents and files to many important objects and documents
● ERP – integration with Google Maps
● documents – opportunity for every table information to be printed or exported in many formats
● documents – tempaltes editor for generating and printing of document
● documents – they can be automatically translated to sutiable language they are design for
● CRM – define diffrent type of events
● CRM – accumulation of factual information for the partners
● CRM – reminder when specific event is coming or is expiring
● CRM – integration with MS Exchange Server and allocation of the company mail
● organizer – define diffrent type of tasks
● organizer – creating task and tracking their implementation
● organizer – alarms and cues
● organizer – calendars, schedule, diagrams
● organizer – sinhronization with mobile phones and their calendars
● autopark – building and tracking the status of your own autopark
● busy manager – modeling of diffrent business processes for diffrent clients
● busy manager – is always showing all neccessery task and doesn't allow anything to be forget or missed

bizzio – Price

GenCloud Bizzio has no standart price.
The price is calculating individually for every client when the specific details are defined.
There are several ways to defined the price categories:

It's designed for clients who are feeling comfortable with the standart features that the system offers. Also for clients who can learn to work with the system alone and don't need any developing.

It's designed for clients who need some changes of the standart profiles, need of little developing and their training is going to be in GenCloud office.

It's designed for clients who need a specific profile, need of developing and their training is going to be in the client office.

bizzio - the birth

A long photo-story for partnership, friendship and how the ideas are coming true...
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bizzio – extra information (bulgarian content)

Bizzio guide.pdf – lite client manual;
Bizzio CRM – lite discription of CRM subsystem;

Microsoft Silverlight x64 – for 64bit Windows;
Microsoft Silverlight x32 – for 32bit Windows;

Warning! The matirials below are from year 2010 and are showing outdated information:

Bizzio - First Presentation – International Fair - Plovdiv 2010, there we won the gold medal for the most innovative ERP system

Firefox ver.51 - Firefox browser needed for MAC computers
c39hrp36dltt.ttf - using of barcode font for some of our templates
zebra_51075682.exe - Windows drivers for label printers of Dateks
CashRegisterManager_Install.exe - Outdoor modul to connect Bizzio with many cash registers
AssociatePrinter.zip - Add-in for MS Word to associate the printing of document for fast print