Bizzio CRM

short description...

Bizzio CRM is based on events..
The events are defined and monitored by the users of the system.
The events can be related with lots of things - past (to make history and statistics) and future (planning, control and notification).
An event is somehow a form with fields defined by the client and made to be filled.
Those fields can have a wide variety of types - dates, alarms, people, cars, articles, numeric, text, marks, other events, organizer events and many more...
It is possible to attach files and images to those events.
Two or more events, connected with relation, create a project.
Those projects can describe very complicated situations in real life.
For every event the user can assign a template in order to print different types of documents.
If an alarm is set in an event, it starts notifying when certain condition is met.
Themed events can be combined in groups in order to filter the access of different departments to the information.
There are plenty reports that can be issued based on the events database.
Bizzio CRM has proven itself as flexible and easy to use system.
Bizzio CRM does not have integration with PBX (phone systems) because there are too many types of PBX and every single one requires speciffic solution.
Bizzio CRm does not have integration with company email systems for the same reasons, but emails can be attached to events.

We are presenting to you a few screens provided by taxi company Yellow Taxi, where Bizzio CRM is successfully introduced:

The heart на Bizzio CRM - Definition of events, the capital letters in the names of events, show that they belong to a certain department in the company

Types of CRM events separated by departments and list of the latest events from Service and Inspectors

Typical CRM event opened for edit (as a form), in the lowest tab - all the documents available for print, based on form data, are shown

Notification panel of Bizzio is showing all the "problematic" CRM events that have to be settled down