Harmonica is our design studio.

Harmonica is an intersection point of technology and art and is the quintessence of our desire to provide a complete integrated product erp-web-design. The simplest example of this is when a customer's e-shop gets more exquisite than its corporate site. Then the client starts asking for a new corporate website with a similar design. But Harmonica is not only web design. Harmonica is a much more comprehensive service - graphic design, corporate identity, branding, sound desing, product and studio photography and many more.

Below you can see some of our web design, sound design, and studio photography of the Harmonica team.
More of our photography in Contacts...

web design

author - Monica

sound design

author and performance - Anton
GenCloud rap beat 1

GenCloud rap beat 2

harmonica team

photography - studio Nana

Monica Komarnicka
leading artistic director

Hristo Atanasov
web design

Anton Cankov
sound design